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If you aren’t running the very latest version of WordPress then the chances are you are
running a version with multiple known vulnerabilities – bugs that criminals can use to gain a foothold on your system.”

Mark Stockley,
September 27, 2013

Websites are elegant, beautiful and complex systems. They perform an amazing array of functions and provide you and your business with big scope and capacity to get things done.

As you know, building your site was an engaging job involving a number of dedicated pros from your team, ours and various other suppliers. The following offers are aimed at ensuring your site keeps doing what it’s supposed to do: work for you trouble-free, 24/7/365.
Some of the information is technical and a bit involved. Read it over and please contact us if you have questions.
If you want to make use of this extended range of services, we’ll be happy to work with you.
Send us an email at
[email protected] to confirm your interest and what kind of arrangements you’d like to make.
You may have staff in house or other suppliers who can take care of all this for you. That’s good! While we welcome the opportunity to continue working with you, the most important thing is that your site and security are updated



  • Website Update + Security Subscription Package
  • Ongoing Help
  • Emergency Troubleshooting



4 times a year

  • This service is recommended mainly for small-size websites.



6 times a year

  • This service is recommended for medium to large-size websites



12 times a year

  • This service is recommended for e-commerce and large-size websites